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rt.com was launched to compliment the Russia Today TV channels and to amplify the linear broadcast feed by engaging a new audience enabling access to RT anywhere on the planet.

The website enjoys the same high level of quality journalism and has grown it’s audience four fold in the last two years. Available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian the website provides up to the minute news coverage, video and documentaries with additional channels for sport, politics, business, USA, and art and culture. Top stories from the TV channel are always available to watch on demand and the site carries simulcast live streaming of the TV broadcast.

The audience is very ABC1 Male in bias delivering 350 million impressions per month, with over 28 million unique views. For companies wishing to take advantage of this attractive audience and huge volume we can arrange advertising on a global, regional or country basis.

English:  rt.com

Spanish: actualidad.rt.com

Russian: russian.rt.com

Arabic:   arabic.rt.com

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