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Local Television is a network of city and regional based Ofcom awarded licenses producing entertaining, informative and compelling programming for the local population.

Backed by the government and with funding from the BBC of £40m, the channels are available on Freeview button 8*, the first page of the EPG, priceless real estate which guarantees huge brand awareness amongst the viewers. Most of the channels will also be available on Sky and Virgin with live streaming and catch up via IPTV giving carriage on all platforms and delivering the ultimate in viewing flexibility. As the licenses launch across 2014 creating the aggregate network position full BARB ratings and data will be available.

Axiom is proud to be the national sales representative for Local TV allowing the national advertisers to exploit the fantastic potential of Local TV. We will be delighted to discuss how Local TV can provide a huge amount of cut through in a very cluttered commoditised market:-

17 licenses will launch in 2014 with a further 35 planned across 2015 giving a network of over 50 stations dedicated to bring their viewers the best TV possible reaching 90% of the UK population.

* Freeview channel 23 in Scotland

Local Television

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