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Axiom Media is a unique independent sales organisation providing UK, European and global sales and commercial strategy solutions to television, digital, production and technology partners operating in the media space.

“We are committed to offering a bespoke sales proposition that identifies the ‘true’ value of the market and media partner, based on transparency, trust and flexibility. Axiom’s mission is to supply client media owners with a fully integrated commercial relationship; one where a joint stakeholder approach is taken for the delivery of a sustainable, value driven strategy.”

Jeremy Lawrence - CEO


We work with companies at all stages of development. From start ups who require full consultancy to develop and initiate their commercial proposition to mature organisations with many years trading seeking to increase their revenue yield.

Whatever the life stage of your organisation we will work with you to develop a bespoke and integrated solution which will distil the maximum potential from your business.  

With many years experience working at some of the UK’s largest media owners our team have the skills to implement your strategy and deliver the maximum revenue return. More…


We have state of the art tv sales operations and digital management systems which combined with our unparalleled experience managing our clients advertising inventory means we will extract the maximum return from your business. More…


We have partnerships with some of the UK’s largest and most innovative technology and production companies. If you are developing new communication structures or looking to change existing providers we can help. More…